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Westwood, Florida.
Founded in 1813 by Fredrick Joans Westwood and home of the largest cemetery in America.

Multi-Verse Roleplay featuring all your favorite YA novels.

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The End of The World Celebration!

→ 21st of December 2012


→ Write an AU para detailing what would happen if your character was to experience the end of the world - however you think it would end

Multi Para’s are allowed

2012 Page →

16 || Dhampir || Guardian || FC: Chloe Moretz

"Isn’t he amazing?"

Angeline is a young dhampir that was raised within the Keepers. Though she has a lot to learn in regards to social norms, the aspiring Guardian has come a long way since leaving her family to become the protector (and roommate) of the Moroi princess, Jill Dragomir. Always keen to learn and protect, Angeline can be seen as somewhat of a selfless character, though it is obvious that she can still be rather childish and inconsiderate at times, most likely due to her up brining. She has a strong sense of friendship and family, and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep those she cares for safe. Usually acting without thinking, Angeline has become rather well known for being hot-headed and easily excited.
During her stay in Palm Springs, Angeline had a lot of difficulty recognizing boundaries – for example, showing her affection for Eddie by rubbing up against him at any given moment, despite the fact it made him uncomfortable. Soon enough, however, being around the others helped her learn; so much that she is able to almost blend in completely – unless, of course, someone sneaks up on her.

  • Is still very new to technology and doesn’t quite understand how to work most things
  • Doesn’t quite understand the seriousness of situations sometimes
  • Quite violent, especially when she considers herself threatened

FAMILY: Joshua (Brother), Raymond (Father), Sarah (Mother)

FRIENDS: Jill Dragmoir, Sydney Sage and Dimitri Belikov.

ENEMIES: Strigoi, Masked Figures

POSSIBLE LOVE INTERESTS: Eddie Castile (boyfriend), others.

18 || Male || Dhampir || Guardian || FC: Colton Haynes

"Because you’re my friend.”

Eddie is a dedicated, yet fun-loving, young dhampir whose known to be a little overprotective at times. He’s passionate and caring of others, but a little harsh on himself; always trying his hardest at everything and blaming for things that are out of his control.
Because of his determination to become a great Guardian, Eddie finds it a little difficult to make friends, too busy worrying about his charge – and the girl he has a crush on – Jill Dragomir. Unless you’re a threat, he’s a very friendly person, known to be loyal, funny, and mature.

  • Blames himself for Mason’s death
  • Once killed a moroi and is still haunted by it
  • Is selfless and doesn’t think he deserves more than he has

FAMILY: Whitney Andrews (mother), Kyle Castile (father)
FRIENDS: Sonya Karp, Christian Ozera, Lissa Dragomir, Sydney Sage, Jill Dragomir, Angeline Dawes, Adrian Ivashkov, Rose Hathaway, Dimitri Belikov, others.
ENEMIES: Strigoi, Masked Figures
POSSIBLE LOVE INTERESTS: Jill Dragmoir, Angeline Dawes (girlfriend), others

17 Forever || Ghost || - || FC: Alexandra Daddario

“Love makes fools of us all.”

Aislinn was born into a poor household in 1920. Due to their poor economic status, her family was very tense, and they weren’t very kind to one other, focusing more on survival. When she was seventeen, her fiancé Jason was drafted into the Second World War. He was killed almost immediately. Distraught with grief, she stabbed herself, taking her own life. She remained in Limbo for years, until one day, out of the blue, she appeared in Westwood. She doesn’t know why she was sent back to Earth, but she wasn’t happy about it.

She is very snarky and unpleasant upon first meeting, but she quickly warms up to others. She is very intelligent, her mistake in taking her life making her wise beyond her seventeen years. She does not dwell on her mistake though, preferring to move forward, at least as much as she can. She’s a very lonely person who would make a loyal and trustworthy friend.

  • Bisexual, but favours girls
  • Occasionally uses 20’s slang
  • Resides in the cemetery
  • Can manifest in a physical form when desired, otherwise she cannot be touched
  • Can move through walls/physical objects

FAMILY: All decesed


ENEMIES: Boys that remind her of Jason


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Aislinn Crawford

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